Basic Japanese(0-99 in Japanese)

Hello, many people.
I’m started introducing Japanese for my host family. But I want to introduce Japanese everyone, too. I’ll introduce Japanese about 1000 word until when I back Japan(June 26,2017).
(This article isn’t using any translation software)


The position of a 1

(Arabic-Number): (Kanji)(Hiragana,Romanization Japanese,English-like Japanese)
0: 〇(ぜろ,zero,zet row)
1: 一(いち,ichi,e-chee)
2: 二(に,ni,knee)
3: 三(さん,san,sun)
4: 四(よん,yon,yo-on)
5: 五(ご,go,go)
6: 六(ろく,roku,rock)
7: 七(なな,nana,nana)
8: 八(はち,hachi,hatch)
9: 九(きゅう,kyu,queue)

IMPORTANT: 0 is not using any positions suffix,or prefix.

The position of a 10

The position of a 10, you may need add suffix. That name is “十(じゅう,zoo)”
And If the position of a 10 is “0”,you don’t say “0”, just say The position of a 10 number and suffix.


  • In 11-19, “十(じゅう,jyu,zoo)” is a prefix.
  • 10 is just say “十(じゅう,jyu,zoo)”. Don’t say anything.


10: “zoo”
1[1-9]: “zoo” + (The position of a 1 words)
[2-9][1-9]: (The position of a 10 convert into The position of a 1 words) + “zoo” + (The position of a 1 words)
[2-9]0: (The position of a 10 convert into The position of a 1 words) + “zoo”


10: 十(じゅう,zoo)
11: 十一(じゅういち, zoo e-chee)
12: 十二(じゅうに, zoo knee)
20: 二十(にじゅう, knee zoo)
21: 二十一(にじゅういち, knee zoo e-chee)

99: 九十九(きゅうじゅうきゅう, queue zoo queue)


Please answer these question:

  1. What zero(0) in Japanese?
  2. What five(5) in Japanese?
  3. What ten(10) in Japanese?
  4. What thirteen(13) in Japanese?
  5. What twenty(20) in Japanese?
  6. What twenty-three(23) in Japanese?


  1. 〇(Zero,zet row)
  2. 五(Go,go)
  3. 十(Jyu,zoo)
  4. 十三(Jyu san,Zoo sun)
  5. 二十(Nijyu,Knee zoo)
  6. 二十三(Nijyu san,Knee zoo sun)

Is your answer correct? Please check it!

Have a good day!


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