In airplane flight, We can use Wi-Fi by satellite. so I'll try it!

Hi,I’ll be Study abroad for 10mo.
I’m on boarding to Delta Airline(DL616) to go to Michigan.
This airplane can be use “Gogo Wi-Fi internet connection service” by using satellite.
So, I’m trying to use this service.


How to use

This service available from after ascend airplane from airport to before descend into airport.
Now, let’s connect. That’s SSID is “gogoinflight”.

After connecting Wi-Fi, This access point shown login form. This page, I choose “$21.xx”(missing) plan.

After choosing plan, Now register new account. Input Name/ZIP Code…etc.

After register,You may saw “Credit card information” screen. This page, please input card number/CVV2/ZIP Code…etc. If you fill all credit card information screen, Press continue(?).

Congratulations! You can access all internet contents!(Except: Streaming contents like YouTube)


I check Gogo’s IP and checking that IP whois information.
Carrier is AT&T. GeoIP shows East area in USA(Maybe Wasington?.

Speed Report

First impression: Not so faster(Compare: Japan), but It’s a permissible range.
I Trying SpeedTest, and score has showing below:
Ping: 920ms(Too slow!)
Uplink: 7.21Mbps(So-so. Looks like 3G cellular phone in Japan.)
Downlink: 0.15Mbs(Maybe something went wrong. very-very-very slow.)

I think…

I recommend it. Because this Wi-Fi service can write to SNS.
If you write flight report, It Maybe earn many “Like”s.
Not can write SNS but also can seeing news, blogging and so match.
It help your killing time.


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